Stock Machines

HS-T Series CO2 Lasers:

HS-T9060 60W: In Stock subject to prior sales

HS-T9060 80W: In Stock subject to prior sales

HS-Z Series CO2 Lasers:

HS-Z1390 80W: Sold Out (Stock in production)

HS-Z1390 135W: Sold Out (Stock in Production)

Granite Sprint Impact Etching Machine

Model Number Image Area Engraving Needles Delivery
Granite Sprint 600x400mm 5 Included In Stock  

Heating and Bending Equipment

Acrylic Benders:
Model Number Heating Capacity Length Acrylic Thickness Delivery
ABM-500 500mm 5mm In Stock
ABM-700 700mm 6mm In Stock

Fiber Laser Markers:

BLR-H 20W Fiber Laser Marker 200x200mm: Sold Out (Stock in production)

Machines in stock are subject to availability and prior sales.

Contact us to confirm stock, re-sales and demo machine availability.

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