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Multifunctional Engraving & Cutting

  • Use:

Engraving on the inside/outside of ring & bangle, engraving on jewelry products,
medal, pendant, identification tag (pet tag), bracelet, necklace, nameplate, key chain, padlock, zippo lighter, knife, flat or slightly curved gift items and various metals or plastic materials, carving wax or chemical wood in 3D, cutting name necklaces.

  • Characteristics:

– It’s used for engraving on every type of metal such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel etc.
– It cuts metal material such as gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum etc.
– It carves wax, chemical wood etc. in 3D.
– It fastens most material without changing the clamp.
– 3D carving of cylindrical wax for ring is supported.
– It can engrave on the both inside and outside of ring/bangle.
– A inside-ring/bangle tool (L-Tool) is built in.
– Bangle engraving is available (Max diameter 93mm).
– A larger graphic LCD screen shows machine status and guides machine use.
– An RPM controller is equipped for spindle revolution speed change.
– It’s compatible with 2D/3D CAD/CAM SW.

  • Replaceable Clamp:

– The machine versatility can be expanded by replacing clamps in accordance
with the object shape or size – or depending on the material.

  • Multi-Purpose Clamp / Pin Holes and Gradation on the Clamp:

– A multi-purpose clamp fastens most materials without changing.
– Pin holes on the clamp ensure easier holding of irregularly shaped material.
– Gradation on the clamp also helps easier positioning of material on the clamp.

  • Built-In Tool Holder for Flat and Ring/Bangle Outside Engraving:

– Tool for flat and outside of ring and bangle is built in.

  • Built-In L-shaped Tool (L-Tool) for Ring/Bangle Inside Engraving:

– Inside of ring/bangle can be engraved by using it’s built in L-shaped tool (L-Tool).

  • Larger Graphic LCD Screen:

– Larger graphic LCD screen shows machine status and offers brief guide for the machine use in each step.

  • Depth Regulating Nose:

– A depth regulating nose which ensures constant depth engraving on uneven surface is supported.

  • Open Back:

– The back of the machine is open to enable engraving of longer materials.

  • Laser Pointer:

– Its laser pointer points to the area of engraving for easy and error less positioning.

  • External Power and Communication Port:

– A 5V external power port is built-in to control various external accessory devices.
– A communication port is built-in to communicate with external tablet to engrave without a computer.

          Brighter LED Light:

– Brighter LED light lights the material for user’s clear sight.

         Equipped With Spindle Speed Controller:

– Useful for wax 3D carving.

  • MAGIC-70 Samples:

  • What’s in the box:

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