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Aquaflame Systems

Aquaflame Systems provide solutions for micro soldering and acrylic flame polishing through a range of products. The Aquaflame range are high performance gas-generating units, producing a high temperature flame – in the range 1200-3300°C. Not only that but each Aquaflame product is a reliable, low cost and safe operating solution to your micro welding / edge polishing needs.

Employed extensively in the jewellery, dental and other technical manufacturing industries, the Aquaflame range provides solutions for individual traders and small retailers through to larger manufacturers. Our smaller machines are suited to single users, whereas our larger machines are capable of having 2-4 users working simultaneously.

Aquaflame machines are also ideal for edge polishing of acrylic, as this method of polishing requires no other materials or compounds and can finish intricate shapes, in a single quick and easy operation.

Overall, the clean flame and precise control of the Aquaflame Systems machines make them the ideal choice for precision soldering, micro welding and edge polishing acrylic. They are also great value and easy to use and adjust, which is perfect for small business and large manufacturers alike.

Equipment information Model 500 Model 800 Model 1200
Reference number LM135 LM136 LM137
Gas production 75 lt/h 120 lt/h 240 lt/h
Distilled water use (per day) 30 ml 50 ml 100 ml
Maximum flame temperature 3300c 3300c 3300c
Electrical usage 0.50 kW 0.80 kW 1.20 kW
Flash back fitted Yes Yes Yes
Torch tips range supplied 20 – 24 18 – 24 17 – 24
Torch tips bore size supplied (mm) 0.503 – 0.310 0.839 – 0.310 1.066 – 0.310
Service recommended period 12 months 12 months 12 months
Guarantee period* 2 years 2 years 2 years
Length 400mm 400mm 440mm
Width 200mm 280mm 320mm
Height 300mm 380mm 395mm
Shipping Weight 20kg 30kg 50kg
Flame polishing details
Chemical for flame positioning MEK MEK MEK
Thickness that can be polished in one pass 5mm 10mm 15mm
Typical polishing times (per metre) 1 min 2 mins 3 mins

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