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Legend B5II Plasma

Legend B5II Sheet Metal Plasma CNC Cutting Machine 

Technical advantages:

1.) Cutting  thickness range : 0.3-22mm

2.) Three modes of cutting: Water jacket, Platen, Arc voltage sensing THC.

3.) Ball design on cutting table makes loading/unloading of cutting material will be easier.

LEGEND B5II Key points:

1.) With Arc voltage sensing THC, fine plasma cutting performance.

2.) Adjustable distance  between THC and cutting table, matching with different torches.

3.) Steel-made torch holder, very good durability.

4.) With simple design, cutting mode switching is very easy.

Modular design, only few screws, LEGEND B5II can realize the transfer between thin plate cutting mode and thick plate cutting mode.

Technical Data
Power 1000W
Input Voltage 220v/110v
Cutting Speed 0-8000mm/min
Cutting Thickness 0.3mm-22mm
Cutting Range 1300x2500mm or 1500x3000mm
Controller Screen LCD 7”
Modes of cutting Plasma
Work mode of plasma Non-contact ignition
Materials to be cut Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper alloy, Nickel alloy, Aluminium alloy

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