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HS-R Series: Auto Feeding CO2 Laser



Working Table: 1600*1000 (mm) Laser power: 80W/135W/300W
Weight: 800 (kg) Volume: 3.5(m3)
Machine body size: 2180*1880*1050 (mm) Packing Size: 2300*1640*1300 (mm)

The Beyond Laser HS-R1610 laser system is a high production laser cutter for use with roll materials. Our HS-R1610 has a 1600 x 1000mm work area and accommodates roll materials up to 1.6M wide. This model features an aluminum conveyor bed that is synchronized with the powered roll feeder in order to bring your material forward as needed. It can also cut with intermittent feeding to produce cuts which are longer than the table. Although designed for roll materials, this machine is versatile enough to laser engrave or laser cut flat materials just like our traditional laser machines.


HS-R1610: 1600x1000mm

HS-R2010: 2000x1000mm

HS-R2035: 2000x3500mm

HS-R Range – Heavy duty production cutting and engraving of roll materials – Examples: Fabric & Leather

Main Features:

*USB port interface*

*32MB Program storage in machine*

*Analog laser control to reduce power around tight curves*

*Coated ZNSE meniscus focusing lens*

*Red Dot alignment pointer for accurate positioning of your parts*

*Materials are fed through from the back of the machine by a powered roll feeder*

*Drift corrector for feeding the material*

*Intermittent feeding for cuts longer than the table*

*Water cooler for the CO2 laser tube, exhaust fan, and air assist*

Technical Parameters:



Max running speed

300mm per second

X/Y location precision


Power Supply

AC220V±10% 50HZ

X/Y repeated location precision


Machine gross power


Running Temperature



Auto-feeding system



Applied Materials

Fabric, leather and other non-metal material


Beyond Laser HS-R CO2 laser cutting system is supplied with the following:

  • Air assist pump
  • Industrial water chiller
  • Extraction blower
  • Red Dot Pointer
  • Auto Feeding Conveyor Work Table
  • Laser software
  • On-site installation
  • Full operator training
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Unlimited support

Beyond Laser CO2 Lasers are the leaders in performance CO2 Technology:

  • CO2 Lasers are manufactured to Beyond Laser South Africa’s strict specifications and quality assurance procedures which includes all aspects of manufacturing and assembly.
  • All sub-standard parts have been removed and replaced with those to ensure the quality, reliability and longevity of our equipment.
  • All spares and consumables are kept in stock.
  • Quality and peace of mind guaranteed.

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